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Default Random play on Rockbox (Clip Zip)

I play a lot of podcast's in the car, but they rarely last my entire journey so with the stock firmware on the Clip Zip OF I used to select twice from the Music screen to play a Random sample of my music.

I have recently rock boxed the player and was wandering if there is a similar functionality in Rockbox?
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The closest I can think of offhand would be to use the Quick Screen to toggle Shuffle on or off. The manual for the CZ isn't up yet but most the functions on the other Clips are so close that you can usually check there as a starting point. There will be some differences in keymapping and features available but you'll be able to get the basic idea.
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Remember, Rockbox comes with the proverbial kitchen sink.

Settings --> Playback Settings --> Shuffle --> Yes.

Then you only need to make a playlist that has all your music in it. I'd enter the file browser, open the context menu on the directory with your music in it, and select Current playlist --> Insert.

In order not to be caught by wandering vs. wondering ever again, you may want to cue these two popular songs:
Dion and the Belmonts - The Wanderer
Fleetwood Mac - Seven Wonders

And remember, wondering is related to pondering...
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Thanks, for the Info. I'll give that a go.

As for the Grammer lesson! I have Seven Wonders on the player, The only Wanderer I have is the mighty Status Quo not sure if that's a cover or not!! Have to admit however, I never thought of it that way. I tend to be lazy in these day's of spell checker. If they pass that I'm happy!!
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