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Default Nokia Lumia 800 & Windows Phone 7 Mango - My Impressions

So I've been living with my Lumia 800 for a few days now and I thought I'd give you guys (especially poor Americans) an idea of what it's like.
Nokia Lumia 800
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The Budget IEM Shoot-out!

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Nice to read your impressions. I've tried out the HTC Radar at T-Mobile here in North Carolina and it is really quite awesome, definitely nicer all around I think compared with Android. My major gripes with it are that I like to use my phone for music and am really attached to the really good music apps available on the Android Market, like PowerAmp and Google Music. With WP7, you only have Zune, and it requires you to use the Zune software, which I am not overly fond of, to say nothing of the fact that you are stuck with a paltry 8GB on this phone (T-Mobile in the US has no WP options with at least 16GB, not even the Lumia 710 coming next month). I am looking at getting a new phone soon, so I can't make up my mind on sticking with Android or going with WP. The nonavailability of micro SD expansion may end up being a deal breaker no matter how nice the OS is.
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Don't worry about leaving apps running. Apps will be frozen and suspended until you resume them. However, there are some apps that run the the background for updates and such, but you can completely turn some of them off by going to settings then the applications tab and then background tasks. From there you can turn off some background tasks. To turn off all background tasks, you can simply battery saver mode.
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