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Default Windows Phone Roadmap leaked (Tango, Apollo)

A recent update slide from Microsoft (dated October 2011) has leaked that shows some VERY basic information about MC's stance on product placement and updates.

Photo hosted by BGR, supplied by WMPoweruser

So, what does this slide mean? I'll try to expand on it as best I can.

WP7 GA (Q4 2010)
GA likely means Global or General Availability. This was nothing more than the introduction of WP7

Mango (Q4 2011)
The main theme here seems to be expansion, as in, available to more people and feature parity with other mobile operating systems.

Tango (Q2 2012)
The "products with the best prices" leads me to believe that outside of the confirmed LTE, we're not going to see new hardware. Snapdragon S2 will still be the primary focus for WP7-based devices, which is both good and bad.
On the one hand, it means that those who have any WP7-based handset even from day one won't have to feel as if they have vastly inferior hardware (which happens to Android users literally the day after we purchase a phone). It also means better general compatibility with apps. On the other hand, it means that WP7-based devices are continuing to fall further behind the competition. LTE availability seems like it will happen before Apple pulls it off, which should be a major coup for MS.

Apollo (Q4 2012)
Seems to be that, by this time, MS wants to have proper business integration (finally retire WM 6.5). Also, the volume will likely occur from the low-prices of the previous years. Finally, the "Superphones" comment likely refers to the fact that they will have official support for Krait (Snapdragon S4) chipsets, which would bring WP7 on par with iOS and Android devices at that time. Basically, by Q1 2013, we should see a significant uptick in WP7's market share. If not, things are going wrong.
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