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Default battery usage way too high while sleeping

I just got the 4.0 USA and I noticed that the battery usage is too high while "sleeping". I use the player before sleeping in bed for 1h (wifi browing + music) and then (with an app) I put the player in airplane mode stopping every activity.
Even though the battery usage shows the player is not awake and wifi is off the battery dropped like 45% in 10h . With my phone (lg optimus 2x) in 12h with no usage and mobile antenna ON I can loose about 7-10% max!
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Try installing "Power Tudor" to see if you can pinpoint the cause. At most should drop 3-4%. Battery readings are also all over the place (at least with my 5.0), they seem to "stick" on values, then drop like a rock (same with charging). As if the system isn't really seeing what you're doing, but then on reboot (or taking it out of airplane mode???), it notices you used 40% of the battery. A bug that really needs fixing!
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Settings>About Device>Battery Use

That will show you what's using power. If you click on the graph at the top, it gives a nice little breakdown for you. Check it out.
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I'll try the app and report back.

PS: battery stats don't show anything strange, infact it shows that the player has been in sleep mode while the battery dropped
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