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Default Swype Keyboard: Unwanted "artifact" text appears at cursor

I'm finding that with the stock Swype Keyboard, that if I backspace (delete) text (typically after a typing error), that the deleted text, or a portion of it, springs back to the right of my cursor! Even if I hold to Select Word, and then delete that, the unwanted text often springs back again. What the heck is up with this? Anyone else notice this?

One issue I notice in general is that these virtual keyboards do not actually contain a real DELETE key, just the backspacer. <X
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I don't notice that. I hit the back key and the letter goes away (it does give you options in the suggestions box). You can double tap any word and the word will highlight and can be deleted with the "X". The "X" is the delete key... I wish it had a "Enter" key. THe "next line" key sometimes actas as enter and sometimes as next line... kind of odd.
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This is not an issue that happens every time I hit backspace.
But if I am typing out an email that goes for more than four or five lines, chances are that I'll make an error somewhere. And then, the problem happens.

For instance, I'll mistype " ..vry large dog...", and then go back, backspace through the misspelled word "vry", or press and hold to get Select Word and then delete, and as soon as I start to type the v for very again, I get "vry" popping up on the right side of the cursor, now I have to get rid of THAT. And then I select the whole thing again and delete and then I get "vryvry". Tremendously annoying. Essentially, once it has this little quirk in it's memory, there's no way to really continue without accepting some very bizzare misspelling.

Anyone have advice on this?
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It's in your settings. Go to settings> language and keyboard> Swype> word suggestion then uncheck the bottom option. I forget the exact wording for it, but I think it's "show suggested word". I THINK that's your problem. It sounds like it may be a bug with that feature.
- Justin
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Three options under Language And Settings\Swype Settings\Word suggestion:

Word suggestion: I had this ON
Auto-correction: I had this OFF
Show suggested word: I had this OFF

I'll try turning OFF everything. See what happens.

After that, I guess I'll just stop using the Swype kb.
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