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Default good players that work with MediaMonkey

After much struggle and much help on iAudiophile, I have finally managed to create playlists in MediaMonkey and export them to a Cowon J3 (using a patch at, in case you're wondering). I need to export the same playlists (which will change weekly) to at least three other players. I can't afford three more Cowons. What I've been using until I got the J3 is Zen Creative Micros. I don't think there's any way of exporting a MediaMonkey playlist to the Zens (what I've done so far is manually duplicate the MediaMonkey list in the Creative software - very laborious), so what I'm looking for is another player that I can just send the playlists to right out of MediaMonkey. The Zens are getting old and finicky anyway, so replacements are in order.

Size: 16 Mb is fine.
Sound quality: I know it won't be as good as the Cowon, but pretty good would be nice.
Price - I paid Cdn$220 for the J3; I wouldn't want to pay more than half that (each) for the new ones.
Easy to use: at least moderately, as I have to teach five or six other people how to use these players.
Purpose: I only use these players to play music mp3s; don't need video or anything else.

BTW, some people will wonder why I'm using MediaMonkey at all. That's because it's the only program I could find that will let me sort my music files the way I need them.

Many thanks!
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There's people going to laugh at this but the first thing that comes to my mind is to get a few Sandisk players with the smallest capacity possible, stick a 16 GB card in them and sync your playlist only to the card. Trying to sync the internal and external memories and make playlists with any software I know would be tough. I've never found MM to be up to the task but I gave up fairly easy. For my needs simple drag and drop was just easier and finding a way to sync it all wasn't worth the effort for me.

I didn't do much reading in link to the MM script you linked. Does using that script allow you to make and sync .m3u playlists on a J3 that include the internal and external memories? If so, something like a Clip+ or Clip Zip would work even better for you. You wouldn't use the use of the internal memory for syncing.

The other possibility that comes to mind is a 16 GB Sony E series player if they're available to you. You used the Canadian symbol for money and I'm not sure what's available there now.

My older NWZ E345 works very well with any sync software and the person that had it before me used MM exclusively. She didn't need anything fancy. She needed just wanted sync her new music and podcasts and said it the easiest setup she ever tried for that.
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Thank you very much for your reply, skip252. I will investigate the Sandisks and Sonys.

The script I mentioned doesn't allow using internal and external memory at the same time, as far as I know. What it is meant to do - and, fortunately, does - is let you make real m3u playlists. Apparently this functionality was built into MM version 3, but in 4 (the current version), they've taken that away (!).

Thanks again!
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It's interestng, as I too am not completely comfortable with MM either. I used it to retreive all my music that had been hoovered up by iTunes when my daughter helped herself!

In reality, I find WMP much simpler to use, but I suspect I am stuck with MM now. I feel that it is a program designed to do everything, but being a bit of a simpleton, and not a purist, I don't want to be able to manipulate my tracks, rate them, score them or rename them! However, I am currently recording all my vinyl so MM is probably the best way of doing this (using Audacity - highly recommend it!)

Moan over...........
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