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Default HELP, rockboxed clip + freezes on settings screen.

I just rockboxed my new clip + and after doing some EQ tweaks I wanted to save this setting.. at the screen where I can change the name of the backup file the player freezes, I tried all buttons and I did hold the power button for a moment---> no effect.. My computer also can't see the clip when I connect the player through the usb port....

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Hold down the power button for at least 15 seconds and see if you power off, then I'd power up to the OF to verify your in MSC mode and start again, reformat and re-firmware.

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thanks for the fast reaction! I already found out how to reboot the device again.. Now when I start up the device, rockbox starts normally but when I want to connect my device to my pc (windows 7 32 bit), it is not recognized..... I did a hard reset back to the stock firmware and now im going to rockbox the clip again...
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If you're running 3.10, keep in mind that it doesn't have USB support (although newer builds do). So you'll have to either update to a build with USB or use the sandisk firmware for USB transfers.
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