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Default Please upload the current firmware...

hey people..
i am currently working on a bricked IRIVER E100 can any one please upload the latest firmware for E100??
atleast a FTP link for downloading the firmware and the drivers manually.

reason being the firmware updater is not detecting my player.
it will be really helpful if any one can upload it on web ...
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Default iriver Firmware updates

Iriver firmware updates are available for download here: http://nyaochi.sakur{removethis}
(to use the above URL, clear the text "{remove this}")
Current firmware for iriver E100 is version 1.18, but it has a bug which prevents you from disabling "Fade-in".

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Given the bug in the latest firmware, would you say it would be best to stick with 1.16 for now?
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I reinstalled everything from scratch and the updater would only go up to version 1.16, so I'm hoping they're fixing 1.18.
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Updated to 1.21 today.
Can't find the changelog anywhere.
Fade-in problem still there.
Random time error still there.
However, boot up is about 8 seconds now

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It's getting frustrating. I wish I checked back here before updating to 1.21 So now I'm downgrading back to 1.16... again. And I notified support about the "fade in" issue... again.
It's really a shame, because I like the bigger album art pic.
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Default problem in my e300

hi,i have e300 set auto upgrade with iriver firmware set developed to
1.08.but this firmware dose not already in iriver download website.
than as upgrade my set,i have a problem:usb device is not requgnized.
everybody know how to instal oldest firmware.

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you should be able to get any available version of the firmware from the iriver global site: in the downloads tab. Typically, firmware comes in a .HEX file, which you copy to your player's root directory, then disconnect from the computer to initiate the update.

Also try different USB ports or different computers. I have connected to many computers, and the results vary depending on settings and hardware, but it usually works.

One more thing, I recommend that you keep copies of good firmware for future use.

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