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Default Firmware for showing Japanese in P3?

I have a EU 16GB with 2.22 firmware installed (from However, for some reason, details of the song in P3 doesn't show in Japanese instead it shows in broken language (you know what I'm talking about...). For example: name, artist, album shows in broken language and not Japanese.

One person told me if I have tried updating the firmware to a version with Japanese language installed. So I was wondering if there is any firmware out there with Japanese language installed?

P.S I've addressed this issue on other thread however, I've yet to get any replies so I'm posting a new one here. Here is the previous thread:
Please don't delete this thread as this is not a dupe.

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There is no reason for opening a new thread. People reply if they know the answer, they don't if they don't know so most probably nobody has a satisfying answer to your issue.

There is a single worldwide firmware for P3 including of course Japanese language.
Try updating manually the library in the P3 settings, select Japanese language in the Language>Contents settings, try other id3tags formats with MP3Tag.
If the issue still occurs, you may consider this is a bug of the P3 firmware and there is nothing you can do.
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