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You do NEED a Google Voice number for GrooveIP or SMS to work, you can get a number free with GV. You can make and receive calls with that number on a PC also. You can forward to both Chat (GrooveIP) and your cell, both should ring. Sometimes the call might go straight to voicemail if you have forwarding to both. GrooveIP goes on sale at Amazon now and then for $1.99... try to catch it if you're not sure what you want.

Originally Posted by GeorgeP1111 View Post
Thank you for your reply, that is pretty much what I figured it was. I guess what I was asking was how does this relate to using my SGP5 as a phone? Before I can use GrooveIP I need to have the incoming Google Voice call forwarded to the SGP5, and being that it has no number, I can't register it as the "Forward To". My only interest in Google Voice and GrooveIP is to have phone like use on my SGP5, I have no need to forward a number to other phones.

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