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Originally Posted by GeorgeP1111 View Post
Ok, first step.... I did attempt to set up Google Voice in my PC's browser, but the last step in setting it up is "Forward Number". What so I do for a "Forward Number"? I have no other numbers I want to have Google Voice forward my calls to, I want the calls forwarded to my SGP5 which has no number.

Thanks for your help, but your first step is the one I'm hung up on (so far).

Perhaps this will help:
Go to settings. (It's the gear icon on the right.)

Check 'Chat' (See circled in image below.)
It will automatically save your settings immediately upon checking the box.

Then you can log in using GrooveIP.
At least that's the theory...

If google chat isn't available, it probably needs to be enabled in your Gmail account.
Pretty convoluted, I know...
Hope that clears it up.
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