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Originally Posted by markr041 View Post
1. First of all, KIES is available for download from the support page for The Galaxy Player:

2. Second, did you change the usb mode in the player to Kies mode? It will only work with KIES if you do that. I have had no problem with the KIES software and the player.
I could not see it in Firefox 9 (see below image), nor could I see it in Dolphin on the SGP. All I could see was the manual.
Update: I see now the 'software' link. Yes Kies is available for download! Thank you!

However Kies was on the player, as tcat suggested in an earlier post. I transferred it over to windows, installed it and allowed it to upgrade to the latest version. I did not know there was a special USB setting for Kies.
Settings: Wireless & Network --> USB Settings --> Samsung Kies

Then start up Kies on Windows and plug in the USB cable. It says I've got the latest version. Samsung isn't making it easy to figure this stuff out, eh? And as Big Sky suggests, the user experience is less-than-desireable. It couldn't see any of my stuff in Kies mode, but maybe it's supposed to be that way... meh.

Kies Air app seems to work 'more better', though it's not capable of upgrading the firmware.

Thank you very much for telling me about the Kies Setting. I was able to get the device to pair with Kies via USB. It's not good for much other than updating the firmware, which currently as being the latest.


Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
Gingerbread 2.3.5

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