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Kind of similar problem here. My P3 is just under 3 years old. This morning I discovered with a shock that the three top icons on the screen did not respond anymore... unfortunately they include also Videos and Music.

However, I do not think it's just the screen gone dead in that area: when it goes blank (after timeout), if I touch the very top it lights up again. Luckily I managed after many attempts to move the Music icon to the bottom of the screen, so that one works. But I can't seem to get any response from the Movies icon.

For what matters, my Firmware is 2.07EU and I was happy with it... I don't think that installing the very "latest" would change much - but I will gladly stand corrected if someone thinks otherwise.

If it's hardware it's probably not worthy the cost.

Other suggestions? Thanks.
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screen not working

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