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Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
This wi-fi app was recommended by Fred Langa, a longtime tech writer for many computer mags and now with Windows Secrets online mag.

This was the wifi app that I downloaded Friday night. I downloaded the other recommended on this thread on Saturday. Both are good. The amped app - the first one recommended is a little clearer in seeing which channel is best to switch too. Both are good and I may keep the both on my SGP 5 for a while (though the first one cannot be moved to the SD card and the one that is recommended in this response can.

Thanks to all for your replies. I think that I will skip the repeater and be happy with the single bar when I am not in the same room as the router. It works fine - and I have been able to stream video without a problem. It is very interesting to see the actual signal strength when you use one of these apps.
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