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Actually I may have spoken too soon... (having not tried it). I hated the native email app on my Optimus. Love Gmail on a PC, but hate it on my SGP5. Made a bad assumption that the native app would suck. I just tried it and isn't all that bad. Not a lot of ability to change much (like not show some of the Gmail folders across the top), and those folder names are bad in portrait view (my normal view), since I have several subfolders and I see is the same name repeated (unless I tilt to landscape). But does put them in date order which is much nicer than Gmail.

Sorry, I use K9 and find it great, but I'm going to try this default for a week and see how it goes. I'll voice my gripes.

Is there a way to get unread notifications on the app icon? I use GO Notifications which show up in Gmail or K9, doesn't look like they do in "email". k9 seems to grab mail instantly (even set to poll every 60 minutes). I have "email" set to check every 30 minutes, but doesn't seem get mail until it checks. There are some nice UI features!

edit: Back to K9. Default email app doesn't seem to notify on the app icon. Also doesn't seem to instantly notify. Also seems very slow at pulling in mail when you open the app to check manually. K9 is much faster, and seems to do unread notifications properly. I do like the UI of the default email better than K9, but not enough to drop K9.

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