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Well, my last words on the subject: Sandisk formally support microsd/hc cards up-to 32GB. in the manual they say 4GB and up, but on their own support site they state up-to 32GB.
Any other tricks or methods to support cards with greater capacity are not supported on the Fuze/Fuze+/Clip/Clip+/Zip/Zip+ players by Sandisk.
Also, I suspect that formatting the new SDXC cards with a different file system will be like trying to get a race car to pull a horse carriage, it's crippling their speed because they are not used to their intended specifications.
Last, the higher capacity is not very usable considering most people use lossy formats like mp3/ogg which means a gigantic number of files surpassing the limits of both the regular firmware and rockbox's. That's my two, three cents.
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