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Originally Posted by TheBear View Post
I read on another forum that the red lead from the battery comes off the '+' solder on the main board caused by the battery shifting in the case. The one I opened had that red lead disconnected. Just soldering and some double-sided tape or glue under the battery to keep it from shifting should do the trick.

i dropped my clip and the battery came loose , gave to my friend and he opened it up and the same thing had happened the red wire had become disconnected , after he fixed it he also secured the battery better so it does not shift, its working great now
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the usb port on my clip came loose and when i got it fixed the wires on the battery broke.
does anyone know where i can get replacement wires or a battery W/wires
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Aren't they just ordinary copper wire? I think you could buy that at a hardware or electronics store.
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they look like some kind of tin or iron wire and they are really small
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