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Originally Posted by Ari33 View Post
If you reset the unit (back up all music 1st) does it give options for choosing which country in the set up menu? If it does, choosing a non EU country should remove the EU CAP limiter.

Worth a try?
Sony doesn't do firmware updates that way. There's no option to change region during setup and the firmware is hardware specific to the region where it was sold. The only firmware that will work on a Sony is the one that's specific to that model.

The only workaround that worked on older models was to enter the service menu and make a change there. On the last generation that has caused changes to the radio region settings that no one has posted a way to reverse. It seems on the current gen even that's shut off. No one has posted a way to enter the service menu and make the needed changes.

That's not to say it can't be done. Just that no one has found a way and let the rest of us know.
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