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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
I haven't got the confirmation from Samsung yet but I guess you can forget ICS on the Galaxy Players 4.0 and 5.0. Indeed the Galaxy S won't be upgraded officially for technical reasons (they claimed that there is no enough memory for both ICS and Touchwizz ) so there is no reason that the galaxy players with almost the same hardware spec get it
They said the same thing for the Galaxy S smartphone variant and this just infuriates me We now have a fully functional ICS ROM for the Galaxy S phone without the TouchWizz bloated wares on top. This is strictly a business decision ('course Sammy wants to sell newer phones) and not because of technical reason as they claimed.
We just don't know how big the market is for the Galaxy players series vs Ipid..., I meant Ipod. Look, whatever Sammy's original intention was, the Galaxy players was based on a very good and versatile ecosystem (i.e., Android) and its future prospect seems to be in good position and I'm sure it's big enough that they should put more resource to make it competitive.


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