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Originally Posted by bbtiger View Post
They said the same thing for the Galaxy S smartphone variant
I guess you did not read carefully what I wrote. I was actually talking about the smartphone. Samsung don't make official public declarations about Galaxy Players as the market is way smaller than for smartphones (i.e. nobody cares) but what's true for smarphones is likely to be true for the galaxy players too.
The 4.0 and 5.0 won't get official Ice Cream Sandwich.
The new gingerbread firmware for 5.0 planned since November 2011 has still not been released yet so....

And I DO believe they cannot technically upgrade the Galaxy S and Galaxy Players to ICS WITH Touchwizz
Of course they could technically do it without Touchwizz but from a marketing point of view that's not doable. Indeed, Samsung strongly believes Touchwizz is added value in spite of all criticism
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