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Adding to the others who say that FM modulators suck, especially around cities.

Also though, I'd have to say using a handheld player while driving also sucks (distracting and dangerous to operate) even with a wired connection. I carefully picked out an mp3/cd player with a front panel aux input (back when that wasn't such a common feature) to be able to play from a portable, but I ended up only using the aux input once or twice, because of the distraction and cable clutter of using an external player. I mae another post about this in another thread recently too.

Your best bet is an in-dash player with an SD card slot or USB input. Those are not expensive these days, and lots of players have them. It's certainly what I'd do if buying today. As it is, a few burnt cd-r's (700MB of mp3's per disc) in the glovebox is enough for my purposes, so I haven't bothered to upgrade. A burned cd holds about a dozen albums worth of mp3's, which for me is plenty to keep from getting bored while driving. You also want a fairly large player with a big display or large-font theme if you use a portable, so you don't have to look at it too closely.

There are some in-dash players now with built-in ipod docks, which might be an ok solution (this being ABI notwithstanding). That means (I hope) that you use the in-dash player controls to operate the player. If you really have to use a portable with an aux input, a dash mount ( has lots of cheap ones) seems like a really good idea. I haven't tried one myself yet though.

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