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there are several possible scenarios to the problem.

1. some are the lcd problem, such such improperly placed or loose light intensifiers, which are silver shiny plastic sheet place behind the lcd to uniformly light up the screen. if u ever dismantle a lcd screen.

2. moisture caught in between the screen. sweaty jeans or getting caught in the rain, therefore prolonged moisture buildup. put in drybox for a day or 2.

just return the screen for a new one, unless its scenario number 2
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Originally Posted by Habhome View Post
I wonder how you guys handle your stuff, or how unlucky you are for them to break or so. I have had no issues whatsoever with this, or most of the other stuff people have had troubles with on here.

Im usualy very careful (this ZEN has no scratches atm)

I think Friday the 13 got to mine lol
I was listening to it Thursday night before i went to bed and the i woke up on Friday and i had 2 stuck pixels and a bruise WTF??

EDIT: Im not sending it back again (i was without it for 2 months last time)

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Its a substrate problem.

Low quality LCD Panels = Bad news. Tell Creative to stop buying from cheap Chinese LCD manufacturers. Let Trac-Fone and other cheap Cell-Phone manufacturers do that.
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You actually cannot sell a device with such an amount of features at this price without Chinese gear. Actually, I think any component of this player is made in China (even the CPU) Thats a real problem :/
BTT: Moisture sounds plausible, after leaving the player a few days unused on my desktop, the bruises are gone.
Zen X-Fi2 Apps: Notee-fi (notepad) | TicTacToe | Mahjongg - a free real-time strategy game.
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Though this is the wrong forum to mention this, I thought it was worth mentioning anyway. My Samsung P3 also has a screen bruise, it's very small and very hard to see, but when the screen is totally black, it's visible. I don't remember it ever coming up, so I think this was an out of the box problem.

Or, at least, out of the screen. I had a screen repaired on warranty 10 days in, and I don't remember a bruise before then.

Just so you know this isn't a problem that's isolated to the X-Fi2.
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Originally Posted by JD_THEBEST View Post
The bruise on mine looks different here are some pics:
(Sorry guys for getting this old thread back up)
That are exactly the same things, that appear on my x-fi2 as well... I've already contacted the customer support... i can remember that dark spot from the beginning, now there is another one... I still have the warranty, so I'll send it in... When I get it back, I'll sell it.
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