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As you've found WMA lossless isn't supported by your player. MediaMonkey can do a on the fly conversion from WMA lossless to a format your Sony during sync but that requires the paid version, The free version lets you convert the WMA lossless files to a format the player will handle previous to syncing the files. You then sync the converted files. That leaves you with a second set of files you need to keep if you use sync to load the player.

Converting again if you want to include those files in any future syncs would create a file with a different creation date. That different creation date would cause the newly created file to be seen as a different tune even though the name is the same. Since the software sees a different file it will transfer the newly converted file instead of using the previously transferred file. You would have multiple copies of the same file transferred. Ain't MTP file syncing grand?

MusicBee, a free software (Donations accepted!) can do what you want. For that reason and several others I recommend MusicBee now where I once recommended MediaMonkey.

What software you use is up to you but I've found what I pointed out about WMP to be accurate. Many of the problems it has with properly handling music files and sync aren't apparent until down the road when it can be fairly difficult to get things back in good order. I knew one poor soul that didn't know WMP tagging system shrinks all files named folder.jpg to around 9-12 kb when it updates.

That was after they spent weeks finding high quality album art images so it would display nicely on a larger screen. It's hard to describe how hacked off they were when they discovered they needed to do it all again in order not to have horribly pixelated images on anything but the small screen of their DAP.

I keep up to date with WMP because I have a stuck in the mud family member that needs their library straightened out, then resynced a couple of times a year at least. I know people that were absolute beginners that have great libraries and sync easily with both MediaMonkey and MusicBee. Once I helped them get up to speed they easily learned how to maintain their libraries. Most often they've needed very little assistance once they picked on the basics.

Good software is like that. It doesn't hide it's inner workings and warns you in a no nonsense way if you're about to do something that may have a negative result.

I'd think about investigating a better media library software. The time saved in the long run with the difficulties you don't encounter should make becoming familiar with a new software well worth your time.
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