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Originally Posted by exodus454 View Post
I'm running CM9/ICS on my 5.0 right now. Been using it for 2ish days now and no major gripes with it so far. It's officially in pre-alpha over on XDA and works really well for being such an early build.

As of yet it's CM9/ICS with the 2.6 kernel (based off entropy's kernel for the 5.0) for now. I guess they'll be backporting the newer kernel soon. There's no hardware acceleration as of yet either, so speed is about the same as gingerbread was. Netflix and a few other hw accel apps don't work, but that's not a huge deal for me.


Wow such a progress (that's why I love Android ecosystem)...I hope this will be available for the SGP4. That's what I'm waiting for and I'll be jumping on the SGP4 bandwagon in a heartbeat


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