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If you're typing in a lot of info there's a good chance you're not letting MM work for you. Make sure the title of a song and the artist is right. Using the title or artist is frequently enough. When the tune or group of tunes from a single album is in the center pane, right click. You'll see Get Info, Buy... as one of the options. When you click that it opens to a number of online stores, google etc.

When you choose one your browser opens to that site with a search started. Once you fine that search down you can cut and paste the info in the MM Properties context box. Lots of times there decent images available you can save as album art. That always seemed to work better for me with single artist albums instead of compilations.

There's lots of goodies inside MM you'll find once you spend some time with it. After I had the library let me know what was missing and found a few of those shortcuts I could take a loose set of files and have them organized and tagged if a few minutes.

The library "Files To Edit" tab was especially helpful. After I eliminated the duplicate files and duplicate content I still had thousands of files left to tag but having all that extra out of the way cut back what I needed to fix by at least 15%.
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