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Thanks for all the great info on MP3 file verification and the introduction to Foobar2000. This will be really helpful as I work with files in the future.

Unfortunately, it didn't fix my issue. After doing a reformat and factory reset, I reinstalled the Fuze firmware (to make sure I was working with a clean slate) and then copied some verified files. Still the same problem - the sound cuts out every 1-2 seconds for about 0.5-1 seconds.

It would seem to be some component in the OS that isn't getting rewritten when the firmware is redone. Is there something like that?

Also, another possibly pertinent piece of information: when this whole thing happened, it appears to have messed up the microSD card that was in the player at the time as well. I can still read / write with the card on Windows using a card reader, but then I try to use it in my digital camera, I get an error.
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