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Originally Posted by Baadaq View Post
get a nexus instead of a s2, you have support directly from google,clean android os, get updates a lot faster (like 3-6 months before any other phone), a nice hd screen(samoled hd), or wait for the s3.
the guy who say that wp are crap is totally biassed, because never wp are pretty good and are the most faster on web surfing,but aren't customizable at all and they need propietary software like apple, but currently the best smartphone atm are nexus,htc one x, xperia s,galaxy s2,moto razr and galaxy note, you cant go wrong with any of those, but the razr and s2 can't compete with the others on screen terms.
Unless of course you like smaller handsets in which case all of those will be a bit chunky. The screens on the Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy S2 are just fine. The awe factor of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 720p screen fades a bit when you realize it is a pentile matrix.

TDS, dude, your exorbitant monthly contracts fees make it anythingbutfree.

OP for normal browsing and such it does not really matter which one you get, all the top tier phones will do a good job. Get one that appeals you aesthetically, is available on your network and that you are comfortable carrying around with you. The windows phone vs android choice really does not matter unless you are a power user with specific needs.

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