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I have recently had success with a 1400mAh Cameron Sino battery with my ZV:M 30GB running the 1.62.02 firmware. This battery was from a Hong Kong ebay seller (battery was shipped out of Singapore though).

I did NOT have success with a 1500mAh battery from a different ebay seller, but I couldn't downgrade the firmware to 1.41.01 as it kept saying the battery was too low to do so (even when plugged in). The 1500mAh battery may have worked if I could have downgraded the firmware. I still have the battery (the seller gave me my money back, but didn't care if I returned the battery or not), and I may try the firmware downgrade one day out of curiosity.

EDIT: I had some spare time this evening so out of curiosity, I downgraded the firmware to 1.41.01, installed the 1500mAh battery and the ZenV:M worked. I am going to keep this one in for a bit; the battery life with the 1400mAh wasn't great even though it was 'new'.

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