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Old 04-25-2012, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by dougtape View Post
I know ABI is now part of a larger media group that focuses on similar items, but is it just me still being interested in a stand alone media player, and industry news that's out of date since I don't want a smart phone, or 7" tablet, or is it the media group who thinks our niche of the tech market is not important/obsolete, or have our manufacturers left us in favor of bigger fish to fry?
Don’t blame you or abi, it’s the manufacturers that have focused on convergence devices. Many of us here also prefer separate devices rather than one mediocre device that does it all.

Originally Posted by dougtape View Post
I regularly check this site, since there is no where else that I have found to find MP3 player information and advice without having to wade through smart phone post after smart phone post. I come here because it was the best I have found, but I feel like I have been left behind by those that run this site. There are some active members in the forums that give great info, but having to search through the different forums to find info on products is a pain, that's what the front page is for. I am dissappointed in the lack of front page updates, info about what is coming out, best of the current products, current product comparisons to help me choose which to buy, etc. you know, the stuff I started coming here a couple times a week to find out.....
There really isn’t that much new in the DAP seen, it’s either a new PMP or phone and phones are also taking away from the PMP as there’s less and less :/

On another note, spending time wading thru the different forums can be rewarding as there is a lot of great information that members share with each other and there is no way it can all ever make the FP.

Originally Posted by dougtape View Post
maybe it's just me who hasn't gotten the memo that the non touch screen mp3 player is dead (sure do see a lot of clips being bought though), or hell products like the Galaxy Player (yes I am coveting one to complement my cheaper everyday player that goes everywhere with me) exist without having to buy a stinking phone and pay a cell company for features i want on a separate device from a phone. I dunno, I just miss the excitement this site used to bring when I would read about a new Sansa, cowon (please make a new i7), Archos, Sony, etc. …
All the new cowon’s, Sony’s and Sansa’s make the FP, there just seems to be less new introductions …

Originally Posted by dougtape View Post
… Or if the manufacturers are leaving us, maybe we need to try and make some waves and say hey, these are cheap for you to make and we still want them, so please don't leave us.
The more members making these “waves” you infer would help the manufacturers take notice, hopefully they see your post here

Originally Posted by dougtape View Post
… I just want to know what my options for a new player are when i finally kill my clip+, and it is much harder now to find new ones than it was a few years ago.
Here are some member recommended players

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