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Originally Posted by vytman View Post
It doesn't matter where, but I would like to see the tests instead of someone claiming they made them.
Then you shouldn't complain to me about where they were made!

Originally Posted by vytman View Post
As you can see here the Clip+ and the Touch 3G sound practicably the same, but the classic 5G and 6G sounds
Yes, the Clip, Classic Touch are very good players, while the 5G wasn't as good and had trouble with difficult to drive headphones.

Originally Posted by vytman View Post
And software tweaks are the main reason for DAPs sounding different (not referring the case above but generally speaking). A simple bass boost made under user awareness and control is enough to do that.
haha yes obviously turning EQ on will change frequencies. That is the point of an EQ. If you had one that didn't change the frequency response it wouldn't be much of an EQ now would it?

Originally Posted by vytman View Post
Ofc the bass boosted player measures and sounds different from other player with a flatier FR, but that only proves my point, 2 different players with equally good DACs may sound different.
No it proves that EQs can change the frequency response of a player . . . which I think should be obvious if you know what an EQ does!

Originally Posted by vytman View Post
When I first heard the classic 7G with my 4P the trebles pierced my ears to a level of pain and discomfort, that doesn't happened with my SGS. Unless you suffer from severe expectation bias you don't need to do a blind test to tell which one hurt your hears.
One was louder then the other since you didn't volume match them. Remember, perceived frequency response is itself a function of volume, since your ears frequency response is not linear with intensity. This is why you must precisely match volume before making these comparisons, or better yet use a meter instead of your ears so you don't have to deal with the equal loudness contours.
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