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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Perhaps I should have linked to the Rockbox SanDisk Sansa AMS Port Page. Googling AMSv2 takes you to the same place. Searching this subforum will probably be a good idea if you need more details.

I'd guess instead of lurking a lack of knowledge or interest, especially on the video side, may be responsible for you not getting many answers. The Fuze never reached the level of popularity here that the E2xx or Clip series did. Considering it's been discontinued for a couple of years it's likely most that would be familiar with it have moved on to other players.
Should I rockbox it at arrival, or would I need to put in all my music in again after RB?
I've been reading threads on USB and V1/v2, I'm guessing that jsut means dragging and dropping content? or am i wrong?

I will probably be getting V2 since I ordered it from the Sandisk website.

Also, once I install RB will I need to install anything else? I've read you need plugins for things such as Doom and other rb programs.
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