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Right, I had another look at this Tomi Ahonen character. I see walls and walls of text. He is a salesman, he makes his money off selling books and making speeches. I stopped reading when I hit the 4P's of marketing on the second page of the blog. A controversial character if I ever saw one, but that is probably part of the media image he wants to create for himself. Controversy sells better and elicits a response better.

In the future if you want to prove a point do not just point to some random blog, point to a specific article. That whole blog is a an eyesore, a massive wall of text with very little structure to link it all together. A typical approach to give what you say credibility while giving the reader every incentive not to dig too deeply. Kind of like the 101 faults article linked to earlier. Anyway since I spent a bit of time looking around the site here are a few select articles I found interesting. Maybe others will too.

He paints a grim picture but not what you say it is. You said Lumia phones were not even selling well in Finland. The only mention of Finland I could find on the blog is to say that the Lumia phones are selling well in Finland. Directly contradicting your claim. It just so happens that I am finnish (though not in any way connected with Nokia) and I can confirm that the Lumia phones have made it into the hands of many people on the streets. Not really surprising considering people here have a patriotic desire to support Nokia.

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