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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
I guess we all must speak the truth then - jeven, your just hating a brand for the fuck of it. It's like when some of us here have mindlessly bashed brands and corporations simply out of stupidity. You seem to fit the stupidity bill quite well. Nokia still has a wonderful chance of making a turnaround, MS ain't going anywhere, you shure as shit aren't the spokesman for Finland, (or Hungary for that matter), and you can take your squabbling twunt talk of a no contract phone professing your superiority and place it ever so gently in you vag.

Now, stop talking uneducated shit,...

And, for the record, you've never even tried the OS and your an expert??? OMG, you really are an idiot.

PS: is it my imagination, or are we getting more and more of these mentally superior closed minded cretins lately or what. This site is like a family, we all agree & disagree on a regular basis. But, we all usually end up working it out in the end. I mean, is the mutescream in disguise??? WTF???

You know, I think I'm going to take a break from the site for awhile - seems hard heads like to gravitate towards me and argue. I'm getting to old for this shit,...I can't beat the world.
Such vitriol aimed at me for speaking the truth about Nokia, their decline
and imminent failure.

The Dark Side - you gravitated towards me, you added your 2c towards this thread. For all I know you may be a perfectly nice guy. I dismiss the fanboi from Finland as irrelevant.

But you bought a Nokia, Windows phone on a contract. How stupid and uneducated was that? Very. A Blackberry Playbook would be more defensible.

I predict you won't be using that phone in 6 months, you'll have realised how crap it was and moved on to something else.

Microsoft may buy Nokia soon, if not for their worthless phone model then at least for their patents.

Originally Posted by sideways View Post
Right, I had another look at this Tomi Ahonen character. I see walls and walls of text. He is a salesman, he makes his money off selling books and making speeches. I stopped reading when I hit the 4P's of marketing on the second page of the blog. A controversial character if I ever saw one, but that is probably part of the media image he wants to create for himself. Controversy sells better and elicits a response better.

In the future if you want to prove a point do not just point to some random blog, point to a specific article. That whole blog is a an eyesore, a massive wall of text with very little structure to link it all together. A typical approach to give what you say credibility while giving the reader every incentive not to dig too deeply. Kind of like the 101 faults article linked to earlier. Anyway since I spent a bit of time looking around the site here are a few select articles I found interesting. Maybe others will too.

He paints a grim picture but not what you say it is. You said Lumia phones were not even selling well in Finland. The only mention of Finland I could find on the blog is to say that the Lumia phones are selling well in Finland. Directly contradicting your claim. It just so happens that I am finnish (though not in any way connected with Nokia) and I can confirm that the Lumia phones have made it into the hands of many people on the streets. Not really surprising considering people here have a patriotic desire to support Nokia.
Lumias really aren't selling well in Finland - or anywhere else in the world - look at the sales figures.

When the brand is toxic in its home country, shuts down all its European factories, then you know something is seriously wrong.

Operators Won’t Sell Nokia Lumias–Even in Finland!

From Communities Dominate Brands: Disappointed Buyer = Returned Lumia = Salespeople Avoid = Growing Nokia Retail Problem:
MTV3 the Finnish TV broadcaster and news service ran a secret test of the Finnish handset retailers in the Helsinki and Tampere regions the two largest cities of Finland. They sampled two stores from each of the three mobile carriers/operators, and two stores from the two largest independent phone resellers. The MTV3 journalists pretended to be normal consumers and visited ten stores and every time asked to see Nokia Lumia smartphones. In six out of ten stores, the sales people showed only rival phones Androids mostly by Samsung when the consumer asked for Nokia Lumia !!! In another two cases the sales person came with several phones rather than just the Lumia and offered immediately a series of handsets to compare. Only in two cases out of ten, did the sales person show a Lumia on first request. Every store had the Lumia on display and in stock and the news story makes the point, that in most stores Lumia had the biggest sales displays at prominent places.
Tomi Ahonen, as usual, is spot on in his analysis of Nokia. This passage is buried pretty deep into his several thousand word posting, but it pretty much summarizes how Nokia is doing in their transition to a Windows Phone device manufacturer–namely, not good.
If they’re having that much trouble getting the operator stores to sell Nokia Lumia phones in Finland, where they’ve historically had over 85% of the the market, imagine how bad it is elsewhere."

"Nokia smartphone sales are collapsing globally and my projection for year-end is in the low single digits now, say 4% or so. I will do a better full-year projection for Nokia once I have had to digest these numbers a bit, and I see the other results from the rivals. But Nokia is dying before our eyes. They had 29% market share with Elop in charge, when smartphone sales were growing strongly and Nokia's smartphones were profitable. Then Elop did his Elop Effect and followed that up with numerous further management blunders. Today Nokia's market share is 7% and falling, with the smarthpone unit reporting record losses. This is not a way to build a third ecosystem haha. Oh, and to the Nokia Shareholders' Meeting - please fire the Microsoft Muppet CEO now, while there still exists a Nokia to speak of, before he destroys what is left of it"

An illuminating read from the Guardian, highlighting the 800s many failures. they couldn't even sell this phone on contract by bundling in an Xbox 360, or some of those 'lovely' Beat headphones. People read this then didn't buy:

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