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Originally Posted by Jeven View Post
lol..Charles Arthur from the Guardian is actually a highly respected tech journalist - I've met him a couple of times.

Never did I say that The Dark Side was a fanboi from Finland - you misread my post.

If you think the Lumia/Microsoft phone is any good, fai rplay to you; but you're flying in the face of any facts about it.

Good luck with trying to do anything productive on that outdated/low spec, locked-up-tighter than a nun's cunt piece of rubbish.

Sales figures and losses don't lie; if you dislike the truth at least stop trying to defend it.

I'm all done here.
I'm a nun and I find this offensive.

Anyway, 'highly respected tech journalist', so is Justin Bieber for his music by his fans and the received awards, still doesn't make it any good.

I fail to see how the outdated/low spec phone is a bad thing since it still runs very nicely compared to 'up to date/high spec' phones. Ever heard of optimization?

It seems the other way around, that is, the truth about WP and Nokia, even if sales figures don't lie, it is yet you who dislikes the truth that people like/buy/use/are happy with WP and Nokia, and it works very well.

And I hope you take your word when saying you are all done here.
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