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Any software that can create a .m3u playlist can create playlists that work on a Rockboxed player. That includes every music management program I've ever used. Winamp, MediaMonkey, foobar2000, you name it. Even broke down ole Windows Media Player gets the job done.

Trying to create a playlist and then drag and drop it onto the player usually doesn't work. A playlist is a list of the paths to the files you want to include in the list and a playlist made that points to files on the computer can't work. It *can* work if the file/folder structure on the PC are the exactly same.

If there's any difference in folder structure any file paths that aren't correct will cause the files that aren't properly referenced to not play. If you use the files on the Fuze to create the playlist the paths should be right and the playlist works.

Things change some when you include files from the external card. Rockbox sees the external card as <microSD1> instead of a drive letter. There's a few workarounds. The simplest I know is to store the playlists on the external memory. That makes the playlist refer to the correct locations and they should work. Another is to use a simple find and replace with a text editor. You replace the drive letter for the external card with <microSD1> and the playlists work when you store them on the internal drive in the Playlists folder.

A form of find and replace is what marc2003's setup here does automatically with foobar2000. It looks more complicated than what it is. It's pretty easy if you take it step by step. One of the nice parts is that if you assign drive letters to the player and any cards you use it only has to be done once. I've assigned "J" to all my players and "K" to all my cards.
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