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Here's how to install a foobar2000 component. Once foo_utils is installed and configured you just follow the rest of the directions by marc2003 if you want to use foobar2000.

I was never able to get the other program you mention to work in conjunction with Rockbox. Hang in there, someone may know to get the program you want to use to change how it writes it's file paths. You might also get in touch with the author and see if they have any tips on how to change the save paths.

There's tons of things I don't know about different software so I've worked with the ones I could get to work reliably and simply. Before marc2003 wrote the guide I referenced, I used foobar2000, XMPlay, Winamp or MediaMonkey to create a standard .m3u playlist and saved it in the Playlists folder. After that I opened the .m3u file in a text editor and used the find and replace function to correct the file paths to <microSD1>.
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