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Originally Posted by doniethegreat View Post
Hi! I'm new here. I am planning to buy a new sony walkman nwz-e465. I just want to ask if this is a good music player or not in terms of:

1.) Sound Quality- My main priority, how does this sound? Is it accurate? Does it reproduce the sound accurately( if I use 256kbps m4a files)?

SQ is excellent, the same as all Sony players.

2.) Does the user interface respond quickly even if I fill it with 15gb of songs? How is you experience with the music player? Does if freeze? Or is it laggy?

It work great,'s a basic music & video player - no issues.

3.) How is the battery life? Is it really 40+hrs of continuous music playback?

Your most likely NOT going to get 40+ hrs of runtime. Those figures are test numbers, and using 128kbps mp3 files. But, runtime should still be in the 30+ hr range.

4.) How are the sound enchancements such as "Clear Stereo Clear Bass", "Digital Sound Enhancement Engine", "Virtual Phones Technology"? Does this features really make the sound quality better compared when these are turned off?

The EQ and Bass features all sound fantastic. The other stuff I never use,...all I need is the stuff I mentioned.

5.) How is the maximum volume? Is it loud enough? Even if you listen to music inside a train? Can you hear the music clearly eben in noisy environments (I have read that the included headset is a noise-isolating headphone).

If you live in an EU country the volume is lower, but my NWZ-A867 is loud enough for me & my cans. My S639 IS louder, buy 5-6 clicks,...but it makes no difference. It's too loud at max on either device.

SOrry guys for asking because I am not sure if this is a good music player. I cannot test it because all the items Sony Square is selling are all sealed inside the box so it is impossible for me to test it before buying.

Thanks in advance!!
Also, when asking questions, it's best to mention the country you live in. Sony devices differ by location. I own USA and UK players,...both differ in max capacity, volume, and software on the devices.

And,...welcome to ABi.
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