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Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
Ok I think this should be fixed. If its not, please let someone know so that it gets looked at.
So an update?
How do I update the fuze using the rockbox utility?
Would I have to go find the files or is it automatic?

Also, it seems that the fuze freezes up more when u connect it to the computer while it's off. It seems to not freeze up while it's on, at least 90% of the time.
Or it might just be me.

Some other concerns:

The fuze's back and front cover doesn't seem to be perfectly closed. It looks a little bulged up, as in, I can see the lights inside the fuze from the sides, or is it supposed to be so? Concerning that, I am over protective or my things(since I can't easily replace them and I have so few things, technology wise) and I want a case, I was considering a hardcover case, does this look legit/trustworthy?

Also, when I play songs from "Files" they seem to take some few seconds to load, somewhere from 3-5+ seconds. I have like 1-2 GB of space left, so I don't think lack of space is the problem. And when I try to play from Database, they don't play at all. I go to an artist, album, etc... and it goes to the song, but right away it returns to the list of songs without playing. All my music is mp3, is there anything I'm missing?
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