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Originally Posted by Jon49522 View Post
Same here. Actually, on sort of the same note, I took my previous Galaxy Player 4.0 apart (I ended up having to return it, but thought I'd see if something was obviously wrong first), and the rear bottom "speaker" was not even there! I haven't taken my current one apart, so I'm not sure if it was just that one Player or not, but that would be extremely cheap and misleading on the part of Samsung if it's the case with all of them (though I believe sound does come from both speakers on my current one; not quite sure though). Anyone else looked in theirs to find out?
Easy test, turn the volume up high and stick a finger over each one of the speaker "grills", and you will feel the sound in your fingertips. And on the 4.0 you don't have to take it apart just remove the back cover and boom there they are.
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