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Old 05-25-2012, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Carson Dyle View Post
That's not entirely true. Between 3.99.2 and 3.99.5 some encoder changes were made, although probably nothing that affects sound quality. Mostly tagging issues, obscure crashers and compilation problems. The changes made in 3.99.5 to fix variations in encoded files' bitrate from different compiles can result in smaller Mp3 files created by the 32-bit RareWares compile and possibly others.

From the changelog:
Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
Not surprising, 3.99.5 fixes a bug in the lame decoder. The encoder isn't changed.
Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
If you're going to upgrade it's best to get the latest and greatest. They didn't issue the other releases for the heck of it. Speed wasn't the only reason they continued working to make improvements.

There was a bug that produced an audible artifact under some circumstances that was addressed with the release of 3.99.5.
Thanks so much! I didn't know this. LOL I feel silly.
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