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thanks for the reply.
d/led gemini, but no app block option noted. My guess is that it's available on the website (given that a good number of tasks are AUTO enabled and can't be switched off w/o root access)

2) Been testing PowerAmp (w/ EQ enabled) vs Player Pro w/ DSP

Apps used: Watchdog Lite and PowerTutor
Method: Both players live. One's enabled while the other's paused. Both have widgets and lockscreens enabled. Measurements taken after 5-10 mins passed, Watchdog first, followed by Powertutor (Stat view)

Poweramp On

-Watchdog 39%, 23.5 mB

-Powertutor: Weighed average of power consumption for the past 5 min
-- Poweramp: 100 mW, 200 mW
-- Media Server: 20 mW, 13 mW
Player Pro w/ DSP On

-- DSP 13.4%, 15.1 mB
-- Player Pro 0.5%, 16.9 mB

-Powertutor: Weighed average of power consumption for the past 5 min
--DSP: (1st reading) 62 mW; (2nd reading) 65 mW
--Player Pro (1st reading) not taken; (2nd reading) 90 mW
--Media Server: (1st reading) 134 mW; (2nd reading) 150 mW
Player Pro doesn't show up when "Current Power" View mode is toggled in

While the general consensus from what I've read and experienced (somewhat) is that Poweramp takes more battery life, the readings (far from standardized and perfect) I've taken for the past 20-30 mins suggest that Player Pro w/ DSP takes more power when you consider that it also requires use of the Media Server. hm.

I should also note that all values fluctuated, and the figure most representative values was the one I recorded (eg if I saw 123mW, 129 mW, 190 mW, 130 mW, ...) I noted the 129 mW figure)
- Also, Poweramp showed great fluctuation. eg. under the Application View in Powertutor w/ the Time Span set at the past minute, it jumped from like 30 to 300 mW, then down to like 50 mW, then back up to 500 mW, then down to 120 mW, etc. Which made trusting the average a bit less ...comfy.
Media server and DSP when Player Pro enabled fluctuated too, but only to like double the low value.

So, it seems like Poweramp isn't that much more of a battery hog than Player Pro w/ DSP, tho you don't see those spikes, which I'm sure isn't great for the battery.... is this a correct assumption or am I missing something here?
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