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Default Playback Difference between Jetaudio&FB2K

So I've been doing A and B comparisons of both these music management softwares for awhile. So far I've noticed that FB2K is as flat as ever with flat EQ while Jetaudio,even on flat,isn't entirely flat,it has some impact in the low shelf end,more than Foobar2000 has. I notice this especially when listening to bass heavy music. I'm not sure if anyone else would notice this,but I've stuck with Jetaudio because I like the way it plays my music. I've even compared Jetaudio to Media Monkey and MM destroys my music at the flat setting,it sounds terrible and too neutral for me without any life. I'm assuming there is alot of things that can cause such differences in these softwares. Maybe the soundcard inside my laptop works best with Jetaudio and sounds best with it. I use Foobar2000 only to playback music that isn't bass heavy and it works fine for that. Has anyone else ever noticed any difference between audio softwares?
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On flat settings, I can't say as I've ever heard a difference with my PC. But I rarely use my headphones with my PC for any length of time either.
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Record the output and check to see if its boosting the bass.
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