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Default Linux Software for syncing msc devices?

Looking for a linux piece of software that is good for converting flacs to 320kbps mp3s while i transfer to my mp3 player. i've come to the conclusion that flacs take up too much space until i can get my hands on a rockboxed 160gb classic. edit tried banshee already and it's too slow. command line would be great. thing is all my music is in a single folder called music with both mp3s and flacs. is there a command that i can run in the directory to convert all flac files to mp3 and skip over the files that are already mp3s? Something like lame *flac /outpoutdirectory ?

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Your title seems to be looking for sync software but you post is about converting FLAC files. If you want a file sync program I'd take a look at rsync. If you want audio conversion software I'd check SoundKonverter or DeadBeef.

That's not a misspelling. Sound Converter and SoundKonverter are different programs. I much prefer SoundKonverter for it's flexibility and speed. When I set it to use multiple cores it converts much quicker than Sound Converter.

fre:ac also has a Linux version. All you need to do is extract it where you want it. I haven't used it recently in Linux so I'm not sure how quick it is.
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cool thanks. i use xfce i'm assuming soundKoverter will pull in a bunch of kde dependencies?
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