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I have a SGP 4.0 and an SGP 4.2. They use different batteries. The 4.2 battery is quite a bit larger and won't fit the 4.0.

I've bought spare batteries for both. The part numbers are EB484659VU for the 4.2 and EB494353VA for the 4.0

For those of you with a 4.2 that want spare batteries, here's a link to the most recent one I bought:
That's made by Anker and it's a good battery. As good as the one that came with the 4.2. I bought a couple of Samsung batteries from Amazon and one was completely defective and warped so it wouldn't even fit in the player and the other was okay but it arrived completely dead. It only charges to about 90% to 95% and doesn't last long. I think they've been on the shelf too long. They're batteries that Samsung use in some of their older phone models, I guess.

Here's a link to the 4.0 battery I bought:
I bought two of those and both were fine.

For what it's worth the 4.2 lasts about 30% longer on a charge. Until I got it I thought the 4.0 was the perfect device to keep in my shirt pocket but the 4.2 replaced it happily and I ain't going back. This thing is great.

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