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Default What is Feint and how can I deactivate it?

A message started showing up on the bottom of my screen, every so often, that Feint needs access to the internet when I'm offline. This started after I installed a paid game app, AFAIK. It's a game that I can play offline. The message appears even when I haven't open the app. So what is Feint and what does it need to go online for?

I don't want to uninstall the app since I paid 5 bucks for it, but I want to permanently stop Feint from activating. I haven't found a way to do that. Any ideas welcomed.
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feint is a database that submit your game records and scores ...
i think you should go to app you have bought and disable it.
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Many games use feint, most of which allow you to deactivate it.
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Well, I looked again in the app and I don't see an option to disable Feint. The only way that I can, temporarily, is to go into Settings on the SGP and stop the app in the running applications section. It'll turn itself back on when I restart the SGP after shutting it down. Not a big deal, but it is annoying that I can't disable it permanently. Thanks guys.
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I get suspicious of any app that requires "launch at power up" (or whatever the permission's actually called) especially games.

I tend to use my SGP with wifi turned off unless I specifically need it. Apart from saving power it keeps the ads away but anything that wants to connect to a database like Feint anything wanting to record usage stats can be a bit irritating.

I'd consider reporting a bug if Feint is running when you haven't even opened the game. It may be intentional, so not technically a bug, but there is no need for it and it would be sucking away at your data-plan if you were on a phone (a trickle here and there soon mounts up)
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I donít even have to google this crap, what kind of program/app installs itself hidden without your consent, gives you pop ups and tries to connect to the net in order to report your actions? Retarded spyware is the only answer and donít fall for the bullshit that it adds a social element to your gaming.

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If you're rooted, add these servers to the AdAway block list:

If you're not rooted, there's nothing you can do about Feint.

(There's also a CloseFeint app on the Play Store, but it is bullshit - it overwrites your hosts file. Definitely not recommended.)
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