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yeah, figured as much initially. the recalib seems to have straightened things out though. plus, i generally keep the wifi off when idling, though not recently...
thanks for the re:

EDIT: yeah, defaulted to never sleep.

actually, you might be able to help advice on a tangential matter-

been researching on alternate governors, other than the Entropy's offerings, and have been looking at smartassv2 and interactiveX. the guides available for other devices mentions folders that don't exist on the SGP5. the bypass seems to be to set up a script in init.d to activate drivers I found online to point to those drivers (to be placed in an arbitrary root folder- /etc or /lib folder) and edit the "scanning_alternate_governors" file in /sys/modules/system/cpu/cpu0 to list the governors as viable alternative. my question is -

would any of this f* the player up? i don't foresee any problems, but then, I am relatively new to linux and android devices.

EDIT: the guides mention that in addition to the driver (ie 04cpu_smartassv2.ko), I'll need to install symsearch.ko. A quick search online has yielded nothing. The file seems to be encoded in binary and makes quick references to the General Pub License and ARMv7.

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