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Originally Posted by Hook View Post
I just did this on my SGP5 and it is brilliant. Thanked you and the fellow who made the adaptation for the 5 over on XDA. Posted about it on Brighthand.

I love the fact that Android really is just Linux lite.

And just like Linux, Android has a great community.

Originally Posted by Att2000 View Post
good idea trying right now
Ran into a potential problem that has the potential to create a real problem although, if you are careful, it won't. However, the risk factor made me decide to revert pending much more research.

The problem is if you pull the SD card, you also lose access to internal memory, even if you reboot. That is because it gets mounted as a sub-folder of the external memory card, so essentially, it can't exist by itself. Which would apply if your memory card got fragged at some point.

What needs to happen is that both memory storages need to have their own separate mount point in the MNT folder and I don't know if this is not possible in Android or if it is just undocumented.

What is really needed is an app mover that can offer all memory locations to APPS2SD and let you chose where to move things. I've asked the developer of ROM Toolbox Pro and he has said he will look into it.
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