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Default Gel Case for 3.6

After 6 months of owning a 3.6 my daughter is now asking for a Gel case/cover for her player, after much searching I have found none.
Has anyone found one or using a case from another player or phone that roughly fits, (it's all scracthed up now don't see why she wants one now).
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I don't use cases unless I'm pairing my player with an amp or for sports use. That said, here's what I've seen:

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Thanks, I should have said I'm in the UK.
That's why no cases are showing up on Amazon.
I've searched for the Rearth Ringke Case in the uk and there maybe one on Ebay, but my work internet stops me looking there, I will try later when I get home.
Thanks for the point in the right direction.
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get your daughter an iPod touch and she can have all the cases she want (and fairly cheap) it's a girl and girls don't care about technique. If it works it's ok, if it looks fab it's even better.
And you'll take the SGP 3.6 it's a win / win situation.

I have the SGP 4.0 and use stuff intended for the I900, maybe you can look for a Sammy Phone with those dimensions.

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