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Default Fire up the mifi talk again please

Hello, I'm looking to get a hot spot, and I read all the discusions on here so far about what people do. I am looking to see if we can get another discusion again to see if there is new info about what people are doing to get wifi on there SGP's. I am not sure about the truconnect thing, it doesn't seem like a good deal, I'll probably need 3-5 gigs a month. I did just get back from t-mobile, they have a hotspot you have to buy for $175 and then get a monthly plan ranging from 1.5 GB for $25, 3.5 GB for $35, and 5 GB for $50. I guess I can do the $35-$50 thing a month for 3.5 - 5 GB of 4G compared to truconnect 3G. My question is does anyone know of a cheaper way I can get wifi other than free hotspots. I need to buy my own because my work doesn't offer wifi, and I want to get on the internet on my SGP. So, any help from people and their wifi/monthly service plans-set ups are appreciated, thanks.
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