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Talking Is Rockox USB on Fuze v1 Supported in 3.11.2 ?

I recently acquired a Sansa Fuze v1, running OF 01.02.31A.
I did a manual install of Rockbox as described in the Sandisk Sansa AMS Port Page, using mkasmboot on WinXP to make the patched bootloader.

With the current stable release 3.11.2, I cannot get a Rockbox USB connection. With rockbox running, the USB icon never appears when I connect the USB cable. I also tried a current build (ad46064) with the same result.
The 3.11.2 release notes clearly state USB connectivity for AMSV2, (but not AMSV2) so perhaps the rockbox Fuze V1 USB mentioned in this thread does not work with the current stable release 3.11.2?

I am very happy to get rockbox running on my Fuze V1 and will put up with the OF USB connection with it's data refresh delay, but if it is still possible to get a Rockbox USB connection that would be a big bonus.

Thanks for any additional info.

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